Musical Meditations

Time After Time

There were many emotional moments at my brother’s wedding this past weekend, but perhaps the most touching for me was when Trish, my brother’s bride, danced with her preteen son, while my brother danced with his nine-year-old new stepdaughter, whom he’s known since babyhood. They danced to this version of Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time, covered gorgeously by the late Eva Cassidy.

I sat on the floor, holding my youngest daughter in my lap as we watched, and I cried. I cried because of the broken road that led my brother and Trish and her kids into each other’s lives. I cried because, if only for a moment, all was right and perfect and filled with love. I cried because I’m on my own broken road, and because of my choices, so are my kids. I cried because I dare to hope that our broken roads will lead to such love.

I cried because in that moment, I felt God’s love surrounding me, and I heard His voice in the lyrics:

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time.
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time.

I am grateful to believe in a forgiving God who always takes me back, no matter how far I stray, who loves me unconditionally and longs to bless me with gifts beyond my ability to imagine. I hope I can be so loving with my own kids. They need to believe in unconditional love if they are to put one foot in front of the other on the broken road to happy destiny.


2 thoughts on “Time After Time”

  1. Your ability to love deeply is shown in how your heart aches to love your children as unconditionally as possible and hold on to hope for the future. Something Monsignor Shreve used to tell us is that “real love leaves scars.” It is because you have given of yourself out of love that you have scars which only the Lord can heal. Desiring to love others deeply and hold on to hope are both clear signs that You’re being held in the Father’s arms right now and being rocked in His love.

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