Tending the Temple

The Most Important Meal of the Day

I have never been much of a breakfast eater. The habit started way back when I was a kid, for several reasons. First, the idea of eating anything first thing in the morning made me queasy, and school mornings didn’t afford the luxury of time. Also, the selection of breakfast foods left something to be desired. I did not like Cheerios with milk, and I got bored with Eggo waffles. I didn’t like the flavor of instant oatmeal my mom bought, and we really didn’t have enough time for eggs. Now, if you’d put a Danish or donut in front of me every morning, I’d have been happy to eat up. Eventually my mom started making milkshakes laced with protein, and that I could stomach.

But once I got to college and didn’t have anyone forcing me to eat, I stopped. Only on test days did I wake up early enough to hit the dining hall for a glass of whole milk and a bowl of mixed fruit. It didn’t get any better after I graduated either. In fact, I resisted breakfast until my first pregnancy, when an empty stomach first thing in the morning made me more queasy than the idea of eating. And once Teague was born, I was a lot more hungry as a nursing mom.

I’m still not much of a breakfast eater, but that’s something I’d like to change. I have a much better day if I start it with some fuel.

I’d love to hear ideas about what you eat for breakfast. Especially things that are healthy, require little preparation, and can be eaten on the go. (Coffee and drive-thru sausage muffins don’t count!)


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