Musical Meditations


God spoke to me this morning.

Yes, it’s true.

Every morning when I’m getting dressed I play my Pandora radio on my iPhone, and this morning, God spoke to me through my phone.

This is what He said:

The moment the song started, I hit my knees, rested my head on my bed, and listened, hard. And for the first time in a really long time, I heard.

The miracle is not that God spoke. He’s been speaking for generations. The miracle is not that I listened, either, because I’ve been doing my best to listen for a good 36 and a half years. The miracle is that I HEARD. Through all the racket those voices in my head can make, I heard.

Those voices and vices are always going to be there. I have a choice. I can give all of me to God, vices and all, and pray for second chances.


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