Musical Meditations

I’m Wide Awake

A dear friend and I like to joke around and call me a “lazyhead” because I love my naps so much. It’s true, I can enjoy a good nap just about any time of day if given the opportunity. It must be something about being a mom of three kids.

At my worst, I really am a lazyhead. Sleep is one of the ways I hide from the world. Sometimes it’s a healing sleep, but often it’s a fearful sleep, like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand hoping things will be different when she pulls her head up.

I wrote yesterday’s reflection about Jesus bringing Jairus’ daughter back to life over the course of several days. When I was just about done with it, I heard this Katy Perry song on the radio and thought, what a perfect bookend for my reflection.

When I hunted it down on YouTube, I had no idea that the visuals would also be so appropriate. I guess that idea of saving and simultaneously being saved by our inner child is a pretty universal theme. Who’d have thought St. Mark and Katy Perry would have so much in common?

I’ve always loved music videos, ever since MTV first debuted. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV as a kid. But that didn’t stop me from creating visuals in my head, superimposing my own life’s story over the lyrics. It was usually a little disappointing to see the real video and learn that the song meant something completely different than my interpretation.

Katy Perry, you climbed into my head and told my story visually even better than my imagination ever could. Thank you! The theme – everything I need is already inside of me if I wake up, face it and honor it. “Need nothing to complete myself.”


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