Tending the Temple

Resolution Review

It’s that time of the year again – that time when we make promises we likely won’t keep. New Years.

I made some interesting resolutions last year. Have an annual physical. Power wash the house and steam clean the carpets. Make a phone call to one friend a day. Send invoices in a more timely manner. Maintain this new website regularly. And the doozy – triple my income (not counting child support).

I am happy to report that some promises were kept. I did go to the doctor. I did power wash the house with my dad’s help. And I did triple my income because I was blessed with an amazing position as the executive director of a large social and service club here in town.

But my carpets are one year messier. I’m making some progress in the invoicing department, but I’m still not doing what I should. And my attempts at phoning a friend each day failed.

However, I have made progress. I may not be on the phone every day, but I do text friends nearly every day when I need love and support. And what’s more, I receive them unsolicited, too! I am calling friends when I’m struggling instead of trying to handle it myself or telling myself that it’s better not to bother someone. And I’m giving of my “spare” time to new friends, which is definitely a new and rewarding experience for me.

All in all, 2012 was a good year for resolutions in my world. Best of all, I’ve kept the website running. Almost 80 posts and reflections. Not bad for a single mom working two jobs and trying to keep the house clean and the laundry folded!

I am not quite ready to reveal my resolutions for 2013. I’m going to begin my new year with some fasting and prayer first. But if what I have in mind is blessed by God and goes on the list, it’s going to be quite a year.


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