Tending the Temple

It’s Never Tomorrow

I would love to say that my New Years resolution is to stop procrastinating. But I’m not ready to make any resolutions yet!

Actually, a very good friend of mine has given up resolutions in favor of goals, because goals are flexible. Resolutions are rigid. They are black and white, all or nothing. Goals are achieved by making progress, not by making sweeping cuts to every bad habit we can identify. Sometimes the progress is rapid, sometimes it is plodding and ceases altogether, maybe even sliding backward now and then. But with a goal, what matters is that you keep moving toward it, or at the very least, facing in the right direction, no matter how many times we twist and turn on the journey.

This evening after the ball dropped in Times Square, my nine year old son asked, “Is it tomorrow?” And just as quickly, he answered his own question with one if the greatest expressions of spiritual wisdom I’ve ever heard: “It’s never tomorrow.”

Call it a goal, call it a resolution, but giving up procrastination in 2013 is impossible. Procrastination itself is impossible. I cannot really put off till tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow. There is only today, this moment. There is no procrastinate. There is no try. There is only choice. There is do, or do not.

I have spent so much of my life waiting, or not waiting. Without tomorrow, there is no wait. There is only now. There is only do, or do not.

That was the theme of one of my meditations this week. I asked my higher power, “When?” And my higher power responded that he did not exist in when, only in now. The very act of asking when betrays that I am not in my higher power’s will.

So my goal for 2013 is to take the steps necessary to get in and stay in that will. And part of the process is to remember there is no when, no tomorrow. There is only now. There is literally no time like the present.


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