Tending the Temple

I Love You

It was recently suggested to me that I do positive self-affirmations when I look at myself in the bathroom mirror each morning. Like, write stuff on sticky notes and post it on the mirror.

I don’t know why that should be so difficult, but it is. I sometimes will say positive things out loud. More often than not, my thoughts when I look at myself are affirming. But the whole sticky note affirmation thing has met with deep resistance.

I have enough clutter in there; I don’t want more.

I would feel silly.

What would my kids think if they saw.

Yeah, I know they are pretty lame excuses.

I saw this graphic on a friend’s Facebook page and thought, this may be the kind if affirmation I should put up on the mirror:


I did not think of myself when I first saw that. I thought of a man I know (of course, it would be a man!). I would totally put that on his bathroom mirror. And if any man I love ever put that on my mirror, I would melt. I would not be thinking about clutter. I’d be thinking about leaving all my clothes on the floor.

So why shouldn’t I love my stubborn self that way?


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