Musical Meditations

In Over My Head

For years I’ve had a recurring dream about tidal waves. I’m standing on the beach, and the tide rises and rises until it’s rising so high that everyone on the beach, including me, becomes alarmed. Then the tidal wave approaches, and as it does, everyone around me is in a panic. But I become calm. I remember. I’ve been here before. I know the wave won’t hurt me, so I let it wash over my head and it seems to have no power over me except to get me clean. It is refreshing and exhilarating as I stand still within the heart of the wave.

There’s an interesting interpretation of tidal wave dreams that I found here:

Although my tidal wave dreams lack the “fear and anxiety” element within the dreams themselves, I do find that I often struggle with the circumstances said to trigger them: procrastination, sticking my head in the sand, or being on the verge of some kind of life transition. Rather than creating anxiety, my wave dreams are very healing and reassuring to me during these times. They give me the courage to face my fears and go with the flow.

When I first heard this Brian Littrell song, Over My Head, I immediately thought of my tidal wave dreams.

I also thought of the negative connotation we tie to being “in over your head.” It’s often about taking on a task that is too large to handle, or having overwhelming life circumstances. This is something that I was taught to avoid, although I have to admit that I haven’t followed that teaching very well.

I’m not afraid to get in over my head. Well-meaning folks have occasionally criticized this trait of mine, but perhaps it is not such a defect after all. Whenever I find myself in over my head, I must rely on a higher power to get through it. I have learned to trust God by getting in over my head.


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