Musical Meditations

You Don’t Have To Believe

You don’t have to believe that you are amazing, gorgeous, brilliant, and deserving of every good thing that comes to you. But what if you did?

I love this song by Eric Hutchinson. It may be one of my favorites of all time, and it could very easily be a theme song for this blog. Especially that line, “Your body is a temple ….” That’s a whole topic at Holey Heart!

False humility is a lie. We fall into it because someone told us we shouldn’t get too big for our britches. That no one likes a braggart. Who do you think you are to deserve this or even attempt to go after that? Maybe we heard it only once as a child and that’s all it needed to take root and grow into a hideous weed that blocks us from acknowledging our true worth.

I’ve struggled with that myself lately. That’s part of why I haven’t written in so long. I guess I was questioning my own worth, and doubting whether my voice has anything new to contribute. I worry about being a hypocrite. A lot.

Well, let me just get it out there. Sometimes, I am a hypocrite. It’s part of being human. It doesn’t make me less human to be “faulty;” in fact, it’s often the faults and flaws that can be our greatest assets when we ask God to use them for His purposes.

Let me be the voice that counters all the negative stuff you’ve been saying to yourself. You are worth everything. You don’t have to believe me to act as if you believe it. Just because you feel unworthy doesn’t mean you are. Feelings aren’t facts.

I challenge you to look yourself in the mirror this morning and say to yourself, “I love you and I’m so glad you are alive!” If you can’t, do it anyway and spend the day acting as if you believe it. And the next day, and the next, until the actions you’ve taken have changed how you think. As the song says, your mind’s what’s at stake!

You don’t have to believe to act, and it’s your actions that will change your life.


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