Family On Friday

Family On Friday

I’m instituting a new category on my blog – Family on Friday. It’s an area of my life that I touch on in my other posts but really deserves to be highlighted, because after taking the past few years to focus on myself and recover the me that was lost, I now want to be able to share that me with them while I can.

My son turned ten this summer. Ten. A decade has gone by, and while I’ve done the best I could at the time and refuse to beat myself up for my shortcomings as a mom, the simple truth is that I have not been the parent I imagined becoming. Some of that was admittedly the fantasy of a young woman who knew nothing of the realities of being a parent. But some of the ideals I once had are still worth pursuing. Cultivating good habits. Passing on my faith. Teaching by example. Being consistent. Vacationing together. Sleepovers with friends. Crafting. Conversations over dinner. Piano lessons, dance class, Scouts.

I am so blessed that I had parents who showed me through example that these are not some Donna Reed Leave It To Beaver ideals that are impossible for “real” people. I lived it. It is totally possible, and my kids deserve all of that and more. They deserve to know without a doubt that they are loved by their mom, that they matter.

This column is about how I’m showing them. It’s Friday, and we’re family.


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