Musical Meditations

Me and God

We live in troubled times. I don’t know about you, but when I think of all the changes and strife going on all around me, I get really scared. Most fear stems from one of two sources: fear of not getting what you want or fear of losing what you have. The way I see it, the divide in our country today comes down to those two fears battling each other. They are both realistic fears, which makes it such a stalemate.

Realistic or not, they are only fears. Frustration, Ego, Anxiety, Resentment. False expectations appearing real. Failure expected and received. Frantic efforts to appear real. Fuck everything and run.

Forgetting everything’s all right.

If conflict stems from fear of not getting what I want or losing what I have, I truly have forgotten the truth – that everything I have is not mine. It’s on loan from God. And as soon as it gets in the way of that relationship, I will lose it one way or another.

Yesterday as I was getting ready for church, this song by country artist Josh Turner was playing, and it reminded me of the truth of who’s in charge.

In these troubled, conflicted, stalemated times, let us pray not that God be on “our side,” but that we be on His.


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