Single On Saturday

Listening on Saturday

It’s Saturday, I’m single, and I finally listened to my mama.

(I am also on good enough terms with my mama that she faithfully reads my blog and will see me publicly state that she was right.)

Yesterday morning I had a bit of a post-holiday meltdown while talking to her. It was my typical pity party, and she said the typical things. Suggested that I over-analyze. Reminded me about the power of gratitude. Told me to keep it simple and that less is more when faced with having to say something difficult. Trust in God’s timing.

Nothing I hadn’t heard before.

Except this time, I listened.

I listened, not so much to her words, but to her experience. I listened, not only to her, but to my own heart, my own gut, my own feelings, my own experience.

And then I talked to myself like I would talk to my own child, or a good friend; with kindness, compassion, mercy, and encouragement. “You know what is best for you, and when the time is right, you will take responsibility for yourself and go wherever God leads you. And you will be ok.”

And guess what? It’s Saturday, I’m single, and I’m ok. I’m going to clean my house and celebrate with a steak dinner. And I’m going to put my mom at the top of my gratitude list. And her patience. Because she’s been telling me this stuff for about 20 years now.


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