Musical Meditations

Everything Is Sacred

I found an interesting article while scanning my Facebook feed today, posted by an acquaintance who would probably refer to herself as “not spiritual,” entitled “21 ‘Non-spiritual’ Things That Make Us Happy.” You can find it here:

Have you read it yet?

Go. Read it. Come back.

Thank you for coming back. 

So, if you, like me, do classify yourself as “spiritual,” what did you think about this list?

I personally found every single item on that list to be spiritual. Because when you are a “spiritual” person, everything is sacred.


Poop is sacred. Dinner is sacred. Reading is sacred. Art is sacred. Taking a shower is sacred. Walking your kid to the bus stop is sacred. Weather is sacred. Changing a diaper is sacred. Being betrayed by a friend is sacred. So is losing your job.

Anything I do or experience as a human being is sacred.

There are very few “all or nothing” things in life, but in my experience, spirituality is one of them. You may be one of those who believes there is gray area, that you are a skeptic; but if you are unconvinced of a spiritual dimension to life, well, it’s kind of hard to see that dimension unless you have a mind open to the possibility. If you are open to the possibility, you may start out thinking only “churchy” stuff is sacred, but as you begin to see the sacred in one aspect of your life, you can’t help but notice it everywhere.

If you are one of those who classify yourself as “not spiritual,” I highly recommend doing everything on that list. It’s not what we believe about those actions that makes us happy, it’s the DOING them, whether we think they are spiritual or not. In fact, one of the pitfalls of my thinking that any action is “spiritual” is the ripe potential of seeing myself as “spiritual enough” or, even worse, “spiritually better than.” When it comes to spirituality, there is no “enough,” and there is no “better than” or “worse than.”

I am sacred. Not “sacred enough.” Not “less sacred than” or “more sacred than.” Just sacred. Like everything.

Sacred is the great equalizer.

One of my favorite songs of all time is Sacred, by Caedmon’s Call. You can listen to it here:

You can live life as it everything is sacred, or as if nothing is. The choice is yours, and the choice doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you live.


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