Tending the Temple


One of my favorite movies is L.A. Story. It’s about an awkward TV weatherman in Los Angeles (Steve Martin) who falls in love with an awkward British tuba player (Victoria Tennant) with the help of a highway billboard sign that communicates with him. I was 15 when I saw it in the theater. I should probably pull out the DVD this weekend.

I thought of that movie today. You see, on my way home, I drive past several billboards, which I never really noticed before. Until today. I’m not sure they were talking to me, but I’m not one to write things off as coincidence either.

“You’re more ready than you realize.”

“Act natural.”

“Hello life.”

“Conquer the new.”

“This is the year.”

“Sometimes you need to go back to go forward.”

Yep. That’s what they said. Word for word. In that order.

Some people hear the voice of God in prayer. Or in the whisper of the wind. Or in a sunset. Or in music lyrics. Or in their children.

I see God on highway billboard signs for two universities, two amusement parks, a hospital, and beer.

God is where I look for him/her/it. The point is to open my eyes.


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