Snow Hack

In advance of “snowpocalypse” I learned of two “life hacks” to make digging out my car a little easier. This is especially helpful because Sunday evening I’m cantoring at church, and I’ll need to dig out as soon as the snow stops.

The first hack is to put plastic bags (or tubesocks if  you have them) on windshield wipers. Secure with a little duct tape if needed. This will keep the snow and sleet from crusting them over. I always stand my wipers up, so I don’t have to dig them out.

The second hack involves the windshield. Take a large plastic bag and cut the sides so that it’s one large sheet. For cars, this will probably cover your whole windshield and can “attach” to the car by closing the ends in your front doors. One bag covered my whole van windshield but I didn’t have enough to tuck into the doors. Fortunately static cling helped it stick to my windshield, and I secured it to the window with a piece of masking tape in each corner.

I have no idea if either of these tactics will save me any time or effort, but I’ll report back after the storm is over. Till then, be safe and stay warm! 



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