Just Another “Epic” Rant

I’m tired of all the damn soap boxes.

Yet here I am, mounting one myself, writing a rant in a sea of rants about bathrooms or Trump or the Constitution or the gender pay gap or millennial mentality or addiction or #whoselivesmattermore or the micro-aggression du jour.

I’m tired of it.

When I first got on Facebook nine years ago, I loved connecting with old friends and acquaintances and family I never see. Especially as a introvert who loves people but needs socializing in baby steps, the bite-sized intimacy of social media was perfect.

That is, until everyone started force feeding each other their opinions as if they alone had been appointed the moral authority for the universe.

The thing is, a lot of my friends are highly intelligent and articulate and make really good arguments. You’d make great lawyers, or preachers, or tv pundits.

But I don’t want a lawyer or a preacher or a talking head. I want a friend. I want to see your beautiful children as they grow. I want to laugh with you and grumpy cat. I want to be inspired by how you handle life’s big challenges, like cancer, and humbled by how you handle life’s little annoyances, like the dishes and the laundry.

I want to learn with you, about technology, and eating organic, and nature, and theology. I want us to encourage each other through all of life’s seasons.

I want to share myself with you. And increasingly, I can’t. Because I’ve seen how you treat other voices that dissent from your worldview. My brilliant, well-spoken friends can verbally slash someone’s throat in disagreement. I suppose I could too, but I don’t want to. I’m not interested in being right and making sure everyone knows it.

Being right means nothing. #relationshipsmatter

I will always have opinions, and I will probably always be tempted to share them. But my opinion doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is how I treat people, especially the people who see the world differently than I do. We are all Samaritans to each other, and we need to care for each other.

I’m so tired of the soap boxes. I just want to love the people standing on them. I want to be loved back.

I’m not dropping any mic. I kinda hope we can keep talking.


1 thought on “Just Another “Epic” Rant”

  1. I would love to keep talking with you. About all the infinite possibilities the future holds and how exciting things are. Laugh more. I have a huge trip ahead of me in holidays that rocks my security but I’m facing it head on, with my favorite blanket around me, still doing it anyway! And how relationships are scary but loving deeply all the same is more rewarding than I would have ever imagined. Don’t want to talk politics or addiction, not even Catholicism at the moment. But I recently became a prayer chaplain.

    So I see you, see me back! ☺

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