Welcome to Holey Heart!

That’s holey, not holy. I don’t know much about holiness. That’s for saints. But I do know about holeyness. I know about being imperfect and missing a piece or two.

I believe we all have a hole in our soul. For the longest time I believed this hole was a deficiency in my character, that the empty and broken places made me somehow less of a person. Yet the more I tried to fill this hole – with work, relationships, children, money, material stuff, and even my own spiritual seeking – the emptier I felt. The more I sought, the bigger the hole got.

Today I realize that’s how it’s supposed to work. The hole isn’t a defect, but a gift put there by my Creator like a homing device. It’s a God-shaped hole, and the more I seek, the bigger and emptier it gets, the more God can fill it. The weaker I am, the stronger I allow God to be in me. Today my goal is not to fill the hole, but to empty myself completely until my heart is all hole, to be filled with the grace of a higher power.

This is where we accept the holes. We honor the holes. We stretch the holes to contain more of God.

This is where we become whole, and holy.


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